White Lick Creek Bridge – Danville, IN

Legend says the ghost of a traveling Irishman haunts the at creek bed near this bridge. He is said to be one of the many Irish laborers who were building a railroad trestle across the creek in the 1850’s. History says the man tragically fell from the platform being used to build the bridge and into a huge vat of concrete and became a permanent part of the bridge since the company building the railroad decided not to pull his body out. For many years, witnesses reported seeing the man’s ghost flagging down trains as they crossed over the bridge. Some have also reported screams and a hammering sound coming from the location of the old trestle. The original bridge was torn down years ago, but even then the man’s spirit was seen wandering aimlessly around the area where the bridge once stood. A new bridge was later built, and his form is still seen wandering around the area from time to time. The haunted area can be identified by a concrete bridge that was built in 1906 crossing white Lick Creek and a blacktop road. The stone foundation of the original bridge can be seen not far from the new bridge. Danville is located about fifteen miles west of Indianapolis on U.S. Highway 36 in Hendricks County.

White Lick Creek

Picture retrieved from: Bridgehunter.com