St. Andrew’s Church Road Bridge, Hollywood, MD

This bridge is said to be haunted by two women. One of the women is thought to be a young girl who was killed by a car that came speeding around the curve entering the bridge. The driver of the car was her husband, who had just returned from fighting in World War II. He was rushing home, anxious to see his young wife and child. Another sad fact to this story is that the young woman was holding her infant son in her arms when she was hit. The impact caused the baby to be tossed over the bridge and into the ice cold water below. The baby was never found, but cries can still be heard from the stream which is now called Cry Baby Creek.

The second ghost seen at this bridge is a young slave girl whose quarters once stood near the bridge. This ghost is known to jump out at cars and cause accidents. She had a troubled life; sexually abused by her master, she murdered him and then was located by a posse and killed in a nearby swamp.

Crybaby Bridge MD