San Marcos Bridge – San Marcos, TX


This bridge near San Marcos, TX is haunted by the ghost of a confederate soldier carrying his rifle and walking near the bridge.  Sightings of this ghost has been reported since the 1920’s. 

One of the most bizarre sightings occurred in 1939 when two men stopped to fix a flat tire on the bridge.  They were confronted by a tall, shirtless man wearing a rebel cap.  One of the men went to the car to get a gun, but the stranger dissappeared  before he could confront him.

The legend is that the man lived in a cabin near the bridge before the Civil War.  He and his brother both went off to war, swearing they would return home no matter what.  Looks like at least one of them did just that.

San Marcos is 47 miles northeast of San Antonio on I-35 and the bridge is over the San Marcos River on the road between San Marcos and Nixon.

Photo taken by Markus Haas in January 2009

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