Old Scott Run Bridge – St. Georges, DE

Just south of the St. Georges bridge near St. Georges, Delaware flows the Scott Run stream. The legend says that in the days before the Civil War, an old slave named Jacob used to sit on the railing of the old wooden bridge that stood there. He was talented and would play his fiddle to entertain travelers as they went by.

Apparently, at some point Jacob was beaten severely by his overseer and lost both his musical abilities and his sanity. The story goes that since he couldn’t do his work as a slave anymore, he used to sit in his old shack next to the old bridge and just play screeching horrible sounds on his fiddle all day long. When he was in his 70’s he apparently fell into the water one day and his body was found facedown on the rocks along the riverbank. Shortly thereafter, the children in the area started hearing the sounds of violin music coming out of nowhere in the area. To this day residents say you can still hear the ghostly music when the roar of the traffic on the new bridges isn’t too loud.