Goose River Bridge – Rockport, ME

The phantom of this bridge is said to be known as “Pitcher Man”. Legend has identified him as a man named William Richardson. Mr. Richardson was killed on the bridge in 1783 by three soldiers loyal to the British, also known as Tory soldiers. Apparently the soldiers were insulted when he offered them beer to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War. Mr. Richardson doesn’t brandish a weapon of any kind. Witness say instead he offered them a pitcher of beer. After the bridge was replaced in the 1920s, people began reporting the ghostly figure of a man holding out something in front of him walking across the bridge. One of the most famous sightings occurred in 1953 when two terrified observers saw the ghost offer them a pitcher and then vanish. Rockport is seven miles north of Rockland on U.S. Highway 1, on the central coast.

Goose River Bridge

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