Emily’s Bridge – Stowe, VT

emilys-bridgeLocated sixty miles east of Burlington in north central Vermont, sits Emily’s bridge.  Emily’s bridge, formerly named Gold Brook Bridge, has been affectionately named for the ghost who haunts it, was built in 1844.  No one is completely sure how it  happened to Emily at this bridge, but she is said to have died here. 

Some of the legends say she was trampled by a team of horses; others says she committed suicide by jumping off the bridge or hanging herself from a roof beam.  The most widely accepted explanation for her death is that she died when her buggy overturned at the bridge when she fled after being rejected at the alter by her fiance.

Her spirit is said to manifest itself as a flickering white light, or sometimes as a mysterious breeze that leaves you mesmerized.

You can find Emily’s Bridge by taking I-84 to Colbyville and going north 26 miles on Highway 100.  The bridge is on Gold Brook Road.