Creek Road Bridge – Ojai, CA

Located just south of Ojai California on Creek Road is the Creek Road bridge. This bridge plays host to several suppose it spirits including two young children dressed in 19th century period clothing. These two kids are said to walk along the railing of the bridge and then jump off into the creek below. People have witnessed this and then run to try to save them, but when they look down into the water they don’t see anything.

Along the same lines is also said to be a creepy, disembodied hand that just runs along the rail of the bridge. Witnesses say looks like a child’s hand. There’s also the legend of the ghostly school bus which is said to have gone off the bridge in the 1930s or 40s. The story goes that 12 children along with the bus driver died in the accident and if you visit the bridge on a rainy night you can hear the screaming of the victims.

Perhaps most famous of the haunts is “Charman”. He is a hideous phantom said to hang around this bridge where he supposedly died. Witnesses say he’s wearing burned and torn clothing with pieces of skin hanging loosely from his skull. He smells of burned flesh and burned clothing. There are several different stories as to who he might be; all of which involve a fiery car accident that happened in the vicinity during the 1940s or 50s.

Overall the Creek Road bridge, along with the Camp Comfort County Park which is just down the road have a plethora of spirits and spooks hanging around. This definitely be would be a good place to visit if you’re looking for some to do some ghost hunting or just have a spooky evening.

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