Bostian’s Bridge – Statesville, NC

bostians-bridge1On August 27, 1891, a pssenger train wrecked near this bridge that is located east of Statesville, NC.  The train, number nine, was headed from Salisbury to Asheville when it derailed and fell off the bridge into the ravine below.  A total of 30 people were killed, including the baggage master, and there were numerous injuries. 

Legend says this wreck is repeated annually at 3 AM on the anniversary of the disaster.  Witnesses have reported hearing the sounds of twisted metal, steam pipes rupturing and the screams of the passengers.  Upon investigation, there is never any evidence of an accident.  Some people have reported being approached by the ghost of the baggage master of the train asking for the correct time so he can set his watch.  bostians-bridge


You can read a more detailed description of this disaster HERE.

Photos from Charlotte Area Paranomal Society Website.

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  1. I can remember as a teen hanging out at that bridge, and hearing the sounds of the train coming as well as the sounds of the spirits. It was so sad to know something that tragic had happened.