Bloods Point Bridge – Cherry Valley, IL

Just the name of the area itself is creepy. Bloods Point Road – named after the Blood family who first lived there – is located in Boone County, IL just over the Winnebago County line. The area has a long history of bizarre sightings including disembodied figures of a very disgusting, unpleasant smelling witch who and her black cat. Known as Beaula, the witch is said to have hung her children and then herself from the Bloods Point Bridge. She has been seen walking late at night like she is looking for something. Her black cat seems to like running out in front of vehicles, causing them to swerve to the side of the road, where the unlucky driver may see the witch walking along the path.

Also seen in the area are phantom vehicles like big rigs, old school buses, vintage pick-up trucks and old police cars. A flashing red light from the old cop car has been seen by many unsuspecting travelers. The railroad bridge is haunted by the screams of help from screaming children terrified after their school bus mysteriously crashed. Mysterious lights have also been seen shining through the trees on Bloods Point Road. Apparitions of both children and adults have been seen, and barking hellhounds have been seen chasing cars down the road.

bloods point road haunted bridge